It’s all in the details

A professional organizer’s job is to help you clarify what you want to accomplish! They help you develop and implement a plan to get from your current state to your desired improved state. Professional organizers will never tell you to make a particular change. On the contrary, they will help you see logical options for improvement and then assist with developing systems to implement the action you choose.

It’s all in the details. Organizing is so much more than you think! Hours of work go into creating a functional space for homeowners. It involved removing, deciding what stays, what goes or what relocates. Storage containers that flow with each space take time and focus! Details are very important when organizing. I like to create unique spaces for each client. I love what I do! Thank YOU for following NEAT and thank you to the people who allow me to work in their homes.


Spring Organizing

Spring Organizing

Spring cleaning is a bit overrated! Yes, I said it! However, spring organizing sparks joy. When it comes to organizing, it’s important to be more mindful about the items you have to create order in your home to benefit you, your space and your life! I suggest taking on the “easier” organizing projects to jump-start an overall household organization plan. Tackle these small organizing tasks to set yourself up for spring organizing success!


We all know our closets are a hot spot for items to be stored. Over time, closets can become stacked with clothing and unused items that can begin to cause havoc if not properly organized and stored. Organizing your closet often involves asking yourself the hard question “Is this worth keeping?” to get your project moving along. Focus on keeping items that serve you in more ways than one. Then, figure out how much space you’re willing to dedicate to this item to keep it. You’ll soon find out you don’t need it as much as you thought!

Bathroom Drawers

Bathroom drawers sometimes end up as a miscellaneous item spot if you’re not aware of where you’re placing your things. Cluttered bathroom drawers can take away from an area that serves as a space for you to practice self-care, fundamental hygienic function and a place for you to relax and recharge. This momentary space of solitude can soon turn into a place of disorder. Start with removing any items that don’t belong in your bathroom, then begin to navigate through the items that should be there by finding a home for each item to go to after being used. Utilizing clear bins for storage can help you find what you need quickly while keeping everything in its place.


Most cabinets hold more items than you need to keep your kitchen functioning properly. Starting with removing items you no longer use in the kitchen can help aid in cabinet organization. Clean out your cabinets and decide what should stay, then begin to organize like items together to distinguish how much you have of each to find the proper home in your kitchen. Round storage organizers, vertical containers, cabinet dividers and more are beneficial to keeping things in place in the long run.

Kids Spaces

Kids’ toys can accumulate at a profuse rate leaving your space in an overwhelming state of not knowing where to start. Decluttering is essential to organizing a space designated for your kids. Working with your kids on this project CAN be fun while creating a healthier area for them to spend their time. Consider color-coordinating certain items or even determining which items are for keeping and which ones will be donated. By doing this, you’re creating an environment for them to thrive in while providing an example of how to keep your items orderly. Using organization containers, bins and shelving is a sure way to keep things in order.


Your pantry is another area in your home that can accumulate unused items or expired food
products over time. This leaves your pantry in disarray, keeping you from seeing the foods that need to be used sooner than later with expiration dates. Start with wiping your pantry clean, removing any expired food items and organizing your pantry into categories. Utilizing bins and baskets can keep your pantry in tip-top shape while allowing you to have a designated spot for that food item.

When it comes to spring organizing, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Especially when you have NEAT solutions to help reorganize your home. We operate in any room of your house to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Contact us today!

January 2022

Happy New Year!

When you hear Professional Organizer you may think of reality tv. I think some think this job is all about pretty closet’s and pantries. Often it is but more often it is not.

“This will be the year when I will finally face the garage and its contents! I will fully overhaul my closet, and let go of all those clothes that I no longer fit into! While  I’m at it, I will spruce up my home office with shelves  and a filing system!”

If that sounds like you, and you’re ready to break the cycle of planning and failing to get your life in order this year, it might be time to bring in NEAT!

Over & over I see the transformation of a clients mental clarity when a space is decluttered and organized.



December is a month of celebration and end of year to-do’s.

  • Make charitable contributions. Even if they are no longer tax deductible for your tax situation (they still count for some people), the charities you support could use the funds to close out their year.
  • Drop off clothing donations and start out the year with a more organized closet.
  • Discard unused Christmas and holiday decorations. Don’t keep and store them if you didn’t use them this year!
  • Set aside time for business planning. If you run a business, look at your finances, settle your accounts and celebrate your wins! But most importantly, you should plan what will be different for next year. 
  • Start (and organize!) a new physical calendar. If you still use a paper calendar, grab yours now. I use a paper calendar; I set mine up last week. 
  • Schedule your vacations. Actually put it on the calendar, ask for the time off, tell your people and make it happen! 
  • Change passwords, even if you don’t have to.

Schedule your checkups. If you don’t already do this as one of your birthday routines, then now is the second-best time to schedule appointments with your physician, eye doctor, gyn and dentist.

Take time for you as the year comes to a close. Plan things that make you happy. Having an organized schedule of things to do, whether organizing your home or managing a business, makes for a great end and start to the New Year. Taking care of your personal wellness is the most important of all! 

In January 2021, I launched NEAT. What a great year it’s been. As our one year anniversary approaches, I’m planning and reflecting on what I can do bigger, better and all things organized.

Thank you for following NEAT. 

Thank you for supporting me on this organizing journey. 

Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you for hiring me.

Thank you for referring me to others. 

Thank you for believing in my dream. 

Thank you for everything! 

Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!⭐



What Are You Thankful For This Year?

Getting neat

November is always an exciting time in my home town. Festive, lots of visitors and so much to do.

This year my son is away at college and things are a bit different around my home. Looking forward to his visit home.

What are you thankful for this year? I started Neat in January 2021  and it has been one of my greatest experiences.

I’m thankful for the clients that have believed in me, allowed me to work with them and all the new people I have met because of Neat. I’m thankful for my friends, my son and my family who have been a constant support.

I’m thankful for you, my followers who encourage me and believe in Neat.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Reasons You’re Hesitant to Hire a Pro Organizer

Hire a Pro Organizer

I can do it myself…….

Yes, you absolutely can. But, you might struggle to stay focused. Phone rings, family needs your immediate attention, feeling overwhelmed as what to do with all this stuff! Hiring an organizer will help you move past these obstacles so your home actually gets organized. I have many systems and routines that will fit in your home or business and keep you on track with staying organized.

Embarrassed about someone seeing my unorganized clutter!

This one I hear almost every time I’m hired to get a client organized. Absolutely, nothing fazes me. I see opportunities in an unorganized area. When I walk into a clients home/business I immediately analyze each space and ask questions to find out how I can help make changes to their “mess” Hiring me is confidential and a no-judgment zone.

 I can’t afford to hire a pro-organizer.

Getting organized is an investment. If you implement the systems and habits I suggest hiring an organizer could be a one-time investment. In the long run, you will save money and time. 

I organize and teach you organization systems so you can have peace of mind. I create organized zones in your life so you can focus on what matters most ♥

Why You Should Get Organized!

Heading into the Fall and the holidays right around the corner there are obvious reasons to organize your house.

These are great motivators for getting organized, but the best reason is an organized home is your foundation!

  • So you know what you have and where to find it.
  • So you don’t buy duplicate items, (can’t find so buy another and a week later find….) i.e. save money.
  • Efficient in your space.

I’ve witnessed many times with clients a transformation that happens when we organize their space. A cluttered, unorganized space feels heavy and frantic. A neat space feels calm and can actually inspire efficiency. The impact our home has on us is real. Getting Decluttered, Neat and Organized works like this~

  • Decluttering or (purge) is a super important step, in most cases if organizing is a challenge it’s because you have too much stuff. FYI; I never encourage clients to let go of things that are important and meaningful to them but we do talk about what’s most important and necessary.
  • Containing items, everything has a home, having a designated space for our belongings make it maintainable.

This is the best part, you can choose containers, baskets, bins that add beauty to any space. And, never forget labels, which provide clarity to you and anyone using that space. 

Happy September and Happy Fall 2021! Let’s end 2021 Organized.

How to Declutter Your Home, Room By Room

You can’t organize until you declutter. You have to decide whether the items in your space are actually clutter or not. Let me help you decide where they belong and to take action on that decision.

Many people cannot do this on their own, so they hire a professional organizer.

Decluttering is best done in stages. Focusing on one area, room or even one space within a room at a time like your bathroom drawers or cabinets is a great first step. Completing the declutter of one area fully before moving on to the next is important so you don’t get overwhelmed with all of your decluttering tasks.

What items do you need to declutter your home?

Four boxes or baskets (something you already have) is fine, this is strictly for the purpose of decluttering.

  • DONATE BOX – For items you can donate to another person or charity.
  • TRASH – To throw away items immediately.
  • SELL – To sell to a local resale shop, FB marketplace, eBay etc.
  • KEEP – To relocate items to the right location in your home or business.

You can bring these bins/boxes/baskets into each room or choose to keep in a central location while you declutter.


Let’s start with the LIVING ROOM – One of the most difficult rooms to keep neat & organized on a daily basis is the Living Room.

Start with deciding on permanent storage spaces for commonly used items such as remote controls, magazines, books and mail. Declutter this living space regularly.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms:

  • Bookcase or open shelves
  • Storage ottoman
  • Armories, sideboards 
  • Wall-mounted shelves 
  • Trunks; which can also be used as tables.
  • Dressers can be used in living rooms/den areas for storage. 
  • Stylish boxes, baskets, bins. 


  • Remove everything from drawers and cabinets. Throw away all outdated medicine, makeup and skincare products. Do the same thing with items around your tub and closet. 
  • Keep counters clutter free. 
  • Use inside of cabinet doors for storage, over door organizers, command hooks, clear storage containers that stick directly to cabinet doors. 
  • Use drawer dividers. I’m a huge fan of drawer dividers. Items can easily get lost in a drawer, dividers help give everything a home. 
  • Use acrylic containers. I really like clear containers. The clear design allows you to easily see what’s inside. 
  • If multiple people use one bathroom, add command hooks for towels and labels for containers. Labels for kids work great. They can never tell you they don’t know where something is! 


Everything has a home. Declutter the refrigerator, cabinets, drawers and pantry first. Throw away all outdated items.

My kitchen is the most organized area in my home. I donated a lot of multiple items from my kitchen. I mean do you really need multiple blenders, coffee makers and hand mixers? Pull everything out and purge. It’s important to see everything and start with a blank slate.

  • Clean and sanitize your counters, drawers, cabinets and refrigerator. 
  • Install hanging racks for pots and pans to free up cupboard space. 
  • Drawer organizers, drawer dividers, baskets, bins, labels, containers. 
  • Utilize door, cabinet and pantry space. Use hooks, over door organizers, Lazy Susans (which are great for refrigerators, under sinks and cabinets. 
  • Use the side of your cabinets for hanging organizers, don’t let any space in your kitchen go to waste. If you have cabinets with exposed sides use them. Add rail hooks or even a shelf. 
  • Get rid of unnecessary packaging. Half-empty bags of sugar, twist-tie bags of rice create visual clutter. Containers make a big difference. 
  • Add rolling racks to your existing cabinets. FACT – I have found drawers are almost always better than cabinets. You can purchase these to add to your cabinets almost anywhere. 
  • Keep counter space clutter-free.


  • Store clothes by category. Keep like items with like items. Store all your summer dresses alongside each other, keep your jeans separate from your dress pants.
  • Hang everything you own. Remember, if you haven’t worn it in a season, (last summer) you probably won’t wear it this summer. It’s time for that tank top or sundress to go bye-bye from your closet. 
  • If you have enough space to hang, hang it all! Hang everything facing the same direction, shorter items then longer items. 
  • Use coordinating hangers. Nothing screams closet chaos more than plastic hangers. 
  • If limited on hanging space, stack bulky items like sweaters and sweatshirts. 
  • Use storage containers and boxes for your drawers for an organized and neat look. Things like undergarments, workout shorts and tanks. 
  • Keep your shoes off the floor. Sort shoes into seasonal categories. Purchase shoe bins, use clear shoe boxes with lids. Store high heels at the top of your closet. Store flats, flip flops and slip-ons in over the door organizers. 

Thanks for letting me help you declutter your home. Please, keep NEAT in mind for all your organizing needs.

I found something I love and I’m making a living doing it! ♥️

Here’s My Story……

I’ve been often asked why I chose to change careers and start a business as a Professional Organizer. Here is my story.

I lost my Mom to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in 2009. Prior to her death, her belongings were moved out of her home by a moving company. She lived in a two-story, and could no longer climb the stairs due to the debilitating effects of ALS. The moving company literally packed away her life in one day. They wrapped her furniture in plastic without removing drawer contents and picked up items throughout the house. Her clothes, kitchen and knick-knacks were stored away and taken to a storage unit.

We moved her into a rental home in 2008. She passed away on July 31st, 2009.

The entirety of her life was left in that storage unit until January 2020… 12 years and a lot of money later. It was the biggest weight on me. Every year, I said, “THIS YEAR I’m getting rid of the storage unit.” And yet, another year went by.

In January of 2020, I hired a moving company and unloaded everything. It took me and four movers a total of eight hours to complete. To go through everything took over a month. A very emotional journey indeed! My next step was to declutter, donate, keep and sell. This was another goodbye to my mom.

I don’t want another person to have their belongings packed away in drawers or boxes. I also don’t want for someone to face years of storage unit fees. I realized how therapeutic this was for me and that I enjoy the feeling of decluttering, removing, clearing and organizing spaces.

One summer afternoon in 2020, I was cleaning and decluttering a closet. I was sorting stuff to keep, donate and sell. It was like a light bulb turned on. I thought that this is what I want to do for other people. I didn’t know anything about Professional Organizing, how to start a business or run a business, but I knew what I did for myself, I wanted to do for others.

Neat, Professional Organizers was established in November 2020, and  launched in January of 2021. I spent months reading, researching and learning all the different fields of organization. I haven’t stopped nor looked back. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. 

My heart is truly in helping people get organized and be neat.