December is a month of celebration and end of year to-do’s.

  • Make charitable contributions. Even if they are no longer tax deductible for your tax situation (they still count for some people), the charities you support could use the funds to close out their year.
  • Drop off clothing donations and start out the year with a more organized closet.
  • Discard unused Christmas and holiday decorations. Don’t keep and store them if you didn’t use them this year!
  • Set aside time for business planning. If you run a business, look at your finances, settle your accounts and celebrate your wins! But most importantly, you should plan what will be different for next year. 
  • Start (and organize!) a new physical calendar. If you still use a paper calendar, grab yours now. I use a paper calendar; I set mine up last week. 
  • Schedule your vacations. Actually put it on the calendar, ask for the time off, tell your people and make it happen! 
  • Change passwords, even if you don’t have to.

Schedule your checkups. If you don’t already do this as one of your birthday routines, then now is the second-best time to schedule appointments with your physician, eye doctor, gyn and dentist.

Take time for you as the year comes to a close. Plan things that make you happy. Having an organized schedule of things to do, whether organizing your home or managing a business, makes for a great end and start to the New Year. Taking care of your personal wellness is the most important of all! 

In January 2021, I launched NEAT. What a great year it’s been. As our one year anniversary approaches, I’m planning and reflecting on what I can do bigger, better and all things organized.

Thank you for following NEAT. 

Thank you for supporting me on this organizing journey. 

Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you for hiring me.

Thank you for referring me to others. 

Thank you for believing in my dream. 

Thank you for everything! 

Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!⭐