Hello to the end of October!

Hello To The End of October!

Hello to the end of October! I hope everyone is doing great.

Next month will be two years since the idea of NEAT came to life! January 2023 will be NEAT’S two-year launch date.

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey, I love everything about organizing. In my opinion, I have the most incredible job.

I feel like I’m part therapist, interior designer and drill sergeant. There are some times when I feel like someone’s friend. I have formed some incredible memories and relationships, I’m literally in people’s underwear drawers, in their cabinets and in every space in between. I jump several levels of intimacy on day one!

So that means inherently, you have to have a high level of trust and respect, and the person has to really feel comfortable with you. There’s so much good word of mouth for this type of business. Someone brings you in and loves you, and then all of a sudden, they’re telling their friends. As my Daddy says, referrals are your best advertisement.

Thank you so much for the constant referrals and for my repeat clients.

What’s coming soon for NEAT?

  • Unpacking/Kitchen Organizing
  • Unpacking/Bathroom Organizing
  • Closet Organizing
  • Laundry Room Organizing
  • Teen Bathroom Organizing
  • Two-Car Garage Organizing
  • Maintenance for a home I reset monthly
  • Boy’s Room and Closet Organizing

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Have a great week and thank you for following along with Neat.

Paige ❤️