Why You Should Get Organized!

Heading into the Fall and the holidays right around the corner there are obvious reasons to organize your house.

These are great motivators for getting organized, but the best reason is an organized home is your foundation!

  • So you know what you have and where to find it.
  • So you don’t buy duplicate items, (can’t find so buy another and a week later find….) i.e. save money.
  • Efficient in your space.

I’ve witnessed many times with clients a transformation that happens when we organize their space. A cluttered, unorganized space feels heavy and frantic. A neat space feels calm and can actually inspire efficiency. The impact our home has on us is real. Getting Decluttered, Neat and Organized works like this~

  • Decluttering or (purge) is a super important step, in most cases if organizing is a challenge it’s because you have too much stuff. FYI; I never encourage clients to let go of things that are important and meaningful to them but we do talk about what’s most important and necessary.
  • Containing items, everything has a home, having a designated space for our belongings make it maintainable.

This is the best part, you can choose containers, baskets, bins that add beauty to any space. And, never forget labels, which provide clarity to you and anyone using that space. 

Happy September and Happy Fall 2021! Let’s end 2021 Organized.