Taking a Solo Road Trip…..

In June of this year I took a solo road trip. It was a spare-of-moment decision. I didn’t plan too much ahead. I packed my bags, an ice chest, and snacks and hit the road. My goal destination is Zion National Park in Utah.

In a world of constant reminders of danger, fear, what if’s, along with three years of stay-at-home chants! I needed to do this for myself mentally and emotionally and to see things on my own. 

What I learned about myself traveling for nine days alone…

If you’re wondering how it feels to travel alone, then maybe it’s time YOU take a solo road trip! You may be worried about being lonely, which, FYI, is very normal! Instead, think about all the benefits of traveling solo….stay where you want, stop when you please, pick all the restaurants, and see spots are all your decisions. It’s a wonderful feeling and so liberating! 

Is it safe for a female to travel alone?

I didn’t share my plans or my solo trip adventure with very many people before leaving. You’ll find people will discourage you from traveling alone because it is not safe. I choose to ignore such comments. Traveling solo can be both safe and unsafe! My best advice is NEVER to let YOUR guard down; always be very cautious and self-aware of your surroundings. I love to have a glass of wine, but on this solo journey, I did not drink alcohol. I wanted to keep my mind very clear at all times. You can travel with a group, and unfortunate things can happen; stay hyperaware of your surroundings and never assume you don’t need to take the utmost safety precautions. Share your location with a family member or a friend. Also, don’t broadcast your travel plans on social media. Share after the fact! I never drove at night and only stopped in populated areas.

Now, to get to the GOOD stuff. 

What did I learn about myself traveling solo?

I learned how independent and resilient I am. The experience made me feel free. The landscape from Alabama to Utah was terrific.

I traveled through New Mexico and Arizona. OMG Texas is the longest travel state EVER! Lol. I used different routes, going and returning, to see other places. My best friend lives in the Phoenix area; I stayed two days with her. Driving into Utah was terrific! Being in northern Arizona was beautiful. Zion National Park was breathtaking, and I can’t wait to return! I learned of so many places I want to see that I didn’t have time to visit this trip, BUT next time, I will know exactly where I want to stop and stay, explore, and enjoy.

Zion was like being one with nature and God. The mountains are breathtaking! I loved every moment I spent in Utah. Traveling back, I went through Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona; this part of our country is unique and beautiful.

I felt more robust, more confident, and capable than I think I ever have in my life after returning home from this journey. 

Visiting with my best friend in Goodyear, Arizona, was so much fun; she and I had just been on a trip together in April, so it was nice seeing her again. 

Do I recommend a solo trip? YES, if it’s not a journey but just a weekend away to reflect and self-care, I highly suggest taking time for yourself and seeing places you’ve never seen.

I can’t wait for my next adventure! I wish I could share all the magical photos I took but for now, here are a few.

Happy Fall and Happy Travels!