Neat and Organized: A Guide To Decluttering and Maximizing Your Space

Neat and Organized: A Guide to Decluttering and Maximizing Space

Recently, Neat organized a large and spacious kitchen and pantry.

We always begin the organizing process by removing everything from the spaces we organize—every drawer, cabinet, and shelf.

We did the same in another home: our client’s master closet.

So often, as life goes on, we end up with things in areas of our homes that don’t necessarily belong in that area.

For example, tools, medicine, or paperwork in the kitchen. Serving trays, candles, and holiday decor in the pantry.

Master Closets can become a drop zone for many things besides clothes, shoes, and accessories. When Neat organizes, we do our best to remove anything that does not belong in the correct place.

We work with our clients to declutter and purge what does not belong in a particular area.

I often see areas full of “stuff” and other areas, which I call prime real estate areas, not being utilized.

Once the purge/declutter/donate/trash/relocate happens, our clients will be amazed at the space available in their kitchen, pantry, and closet! 

If you want to do a quick reset of any area of your home, start by removing anything that does not belong in that area. Empty one drawer, one shelf, and reset one space at a time. 

Do you ever spend more time than needed looking for something? Get frustrated because you can’t find a shirt, a pair of earrings or documents you need asap? Once you relocate things to their correct place in your home you will be amazed at how quickly you will feel less stressed and distracted.

Get Neat and Organized over the summer one space at a time!

Happy Organizing