Edit and Organize like a Pro

Edit and Organize like a Pro

•You need boxes: Amazon boxes, plastic boxes, cloth shopping bags, trash bags, etc. 

•Sticky notes and a Sharpie. Create labels for boxes: Donate, Return, Resell, Recycle, Trash and other locations (items that belong somewhere else in your home).

•Cleaning supplies: always begin organizing with a tidy and clean space.

•Tape measure to measure shelves, drawers, and cabinets if you want to add organizing products: bins, baskets, etc.

• Use sticky putty dots when organizing a drawer or cabinet; use them under containers to prevent slippage. 

• Notepad and pen project-related notes.

•Label maker or chalk pen.

•Remove all contents from the space you are organizing; begin with a clean slate.

•Categorize and sort. Put like items together; for example, if you’re organizing your pantry, put breakfast items together, condiments together, and so forth.

This category or items in a zone goes for any area you’re organizing: Closet, drawer, pantry, etc.

Ask yourself these questions:

What needs to be discarded? What needs to be donated? 

Do I love it? Use it.

Do I have duplicates?

Is it broken?

Does it belong to me? (Borrowed and needs to be returned).

Would I want it if I didn’t already have it?

Is it expired?

Am I saving it for someone else? 

This process may be time-consuming and for some emotional, and that’s completely ok.

Containers and Organizing Products! This is where the fun begins. Bins, baskets, trays, carts, drawer dividers and more! And don’t forget to measure the space you’re organizing. Even if you have a zero product budget, please don’t let that slow you down. Shoe boxes and Tupperware work, too! Most of the products will be stored in other spaces like closets and pantries. You can always go back and replace it. 


Once each category item has a home, you will always know where to return them. 

Happy Organizing🏠