Spring Organizing 🏡

Spring Organizing

•Tackle a junk drawer in your kitchen or office to give yourself an easy 15-minute win. Start building momentum! 

•Do a quick pantry check for expired food items. Give your fridge a wipe down while you’re at it! 

•Pack away your bulky sweaters, extra layers, hats, and gloves. Bring out your dresses and sandals!

•Take inventory in your garage. Toss any old potting soil or gardening tools and think about what you’d like to plant this season. 

•Paper Clutter-Did you know you only need to keep tax records for 3 years from the date you filed them? To keep your papers sorted for the rest of the year, try using  stackable acrylic inboxes with labels such as “to do, to pay, to file.” 
I keep my tax filings on my computer in a folder. 

Happy 😊 Spring Organizing.