Neat Pantry

Neat Pantry

Let’s say clutter costs💲100 monthly to store; that’s💲1200 per year. 

It’s a common misconception that holding on to those unused items will somehow save you money 💰 down the road. The truth is that clutter is actually costing you money. 💵 

When your pantry is unorganized you can’t see what you have and repeat 🔁 buy.

Any area of your home or business that’s unorganized costs you money.

Statistics show Americans spend 38 billion every year on self-storage. 😳😳

Just think of all that cash spent for items simply sitting in storage or sitting in closets, attics and garages!! 

Your clutter is expensive even if you don’t rent a storage unit. Storing unused items in your home costs roughly $10 per square foot. Of course, that cost depends on how much you pay for your residence; you can calculate your “clutter cost” by dividing your monthly rent or mortgage by the square footage of your home. That’s how much you’re paying for your space per square foot. Then, add up how much you’re paying to house just your stuff. 

It’s time to let go and get NEAT!