How to Get Your Garage Organized

It’s very tempting to stash stuff you do not need in the garage-–from seasonal decorations to items used occasionally, to sports equipment and everything else! A garage is intended to park your vehicle, but for many people, it is a storage unit. So how do you get your garage neat and organized?

Schedule Regular Clean-Outs

Ask yourself, what’s here that doesn’t need to be here? Do this twice a year or more. Some items make sense to store in the garage; lawn equipment, outdoor gear, sports equipment and gardening items. Donate, trash, recycle or resell anything you are not using to free up what I call, “prime real estate areas”.

Utilize the space

Oftentimes, there isn’t a lot of storage space in garages, so go up! Leverage the walls and every vertical square inch so you can go up as high as you can. Utilize hooks, shelves, track systems and storage containers.


Just like we do when organizing a kitchen or pantry, we also put like-items together in a garage. This is the specific place for car gear, gardening, sports equipment, beach chairs, holiday decor, etc.

Storage Products

Use clear bins for everything. Make sure everything has a specific home so you know where your camping gear, fall decorations and gardening items are at all times. Always label everything! Having bins labeled saves time. Who wants to open container after container looking for beach supplies?
Happy May! I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.
Paige ❤