Happy Two Years to NEAT!

Neat - Blog - Two Years

Get Organized and stay organized!

1. Take everything out of the space.
What if it’s a room and you can’t remove anything? Break it down to one area at a time. In the kitchen, for example, start with the refrigerator, then the cabinets, etc.

2. Declutter
If you don’t use it, haven’t worn it, it’s worn out, or have multiples, it’s time to go!

3. Clean the Space
Never return what you organize to an area that is dirty.

4. Put like items together
During the removal of items, separate like items into groups.

5. Bins, Baskets, Containers
Use organizing products to contain items.

6. Label
Label everything! This makes returning items to their proper home a no-brainer.

Get neat and organized in 2023!
There are health benefits to having an organized space! This makes you feel better all the way around. You know where things are, it can reduce stress and promote productivity, while allowing you to feel more in control and help you feel grounded in your own space.

I can’t wait to see what happens in 2023! Here’s to two incredible years of organizing. I love what I do!